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To meet its goals and needs, California is requiring 20% water usage reduction and 50% construction waste diversion on new building construction projects via the California Green Building Code (CGBC).  Please note that this new code does not apply to existing residential building additions or alterations.

Effective January 1, 2011, the planning, design, operation, construction, use and occupancy of every newly constructed building or structure shall comply with the 2010 CGBC. These provisions apply to all permits for newly constructed buildings initially submitted for permit on or after January 1, 2011 .

Effective July 01, 2012, proposed non-residential work consisting of 2,000 square feet or more of addition or  alteration to existing non residential buildings shall comply with Division 5.7 of the CGBC.

The Mandatory Compliance Measures for Residential Construction are located in Chapter 4 of the 2010 CGBC.  The Mandatory Compliance Measures for Non-Residential construction are located in Chapter 5.  Both chapters include provisions for site development, energy efficiency, water efficiency and conservation, material conservation and resource efficiency, as well as environmental quality.

The Town of Truckee has created a submittal packet for residential and non-residential projects to clarify the requirements for compliance with this code.  

There is  information available at the California Housing and Community Development website ( regarding residential requirements and at the Building Standards Commission website ( regarding non-residential requirements for further clarification and assistance. 

Specific requirements designated at stage(s) of permitting process to demonstrate compliance with the CGBC can be located on the Town of Truckee Residential and Non-Residential Submittal Checklist documents.

The following documentation should be used in the design, planning, permitting, construction and the inspection process of new construction projects.  (After July 1, 2012 this shall include additions and/or alterations which exceed 2000 square feet to existing commercial buildings.)

Submittal packet for Residential CGBC (individual portions below)

Submittal packet for Non-Residential CGBC (individual portions below)

The following forms shall be completed and provided to the field inspector at the time of rough and/or final inspection.

Pollutant (VOC) Control Forms packet (individual portions below)

A Building Maintenance and Operation Manual shall be completed and provided to the building owner as part of the final inspection.  The following is documentation may be used to assist in compliance with the requirement:

Please contact the Building Division regarding any questions arising from review of this documentation at (530) 582-7820.

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