Guide to Town Council Meetings

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Council Chambers

Participating in a Council meeting can be a daunting prospect. However, the public is a vital part of the process and the Town would like to encourage you to speak out on the issues facing the Town. This page has been prepared to help take some of the mystery out of the public process.

The Town Council agenda is separated into Public Comment, Presentations, Consent Calendar, Discussion Items, and Council Reports sections.

Public Comment – the Mayor will announce public comment for items not on the agenda. This is your opportunity to express concerns to Council on new issues or issues not on tonight’s agenda. The Council may choose to, acknowledge the comment, briefly answer a question, refer the matter to staff, or set the item for discussion at a future meeting.

Presentations are informational items that require no action by the Council. The Mayor will allow public comment. Public Comments are limited to three minutes per person. 

Consent Calendar – contains items that occur regularly. All the items are typically approved with one Council action. If you wish to comment on an item appearing on the Consent Calendar, you will “pull the item from the consent calendar” when the Mayor asks members of the public if they wish to do so. Raise your hand and the Mayor will acknowledge you.

Discussion Items – are items that staff will provide additional information on, are out of the ordinary, are complicated, or require a public hearing. You will be invited by the Mayor to speak on each discussion item as Council considers the item. The Mayor will “Open Public Comment” or “Open the Public Hearing” for each item at which time you are welcome to speak. comments are typically limited to three minutes per person.

For All Public Comment 
Our meetings are televised so please proceed to the speaker’s podium and speak clearly into the microphone. Please line up at the podium with others that wish to speak. When it is your turn, please state your name. Each person is allowed one speaking opportunity per item, not exceeding three minutes. When your time is up you will hear a beeping over the public address system.

If you have written comment or handouts for the Council please direct them to Judy Price, Town Clerk, at