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Public Art Advisory Body

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In 2019, following a significant community process, the Truckee Town Council adopted Truckee’s first Public Art Master Plan. The Plan established a suite of robust goals and next steps for formalizing Truckee's public art program, including the appointment of a public advisory body that will provide leadership and input into the management of the program. In February 2020 the Truckee Town Council appointed the first advisory body. 

Committee Members

Appointed by Town Council, the advisory body is comprised of seven members representing the following categories:

Arts Advocate: Heather River

Youth Arts  Representative: Molly Moore

Public Art Expert: Carole Sesko

 Performing Arts Representative: Jean Fournier

Visual Arts Representative: Jennifer Standteiner

Technical Expert: Troy Corliss

Lay Representative: Carolyn Wallace Dee

 Committee Meetings

The public art advisory body will meet at Town Hall, Prosser Room, from 4:00-6:00 pm on the first Tuesday of the month. The first meeting is anticipated in May 2020.

 Duties and Responsibilities

The public art advisory body will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Adopt a permanent name for the advisory body
  • Propose to Council a Public Art Master Plan Implementation Program, including processes and criteria for (1) solicited projects, (2) art proposed for permanent or temporary donation, and (3) unsolicited/ open proposals (if applicable)
  • Investigate and make recommendations to the Town Council regarding opportunities for grant or private funding sources and mechanisms available to support public art
  • Provide opportunity for direct public participation in all responsibilities delegated to advisory body
  • Develop and maintain a visual inventory of existing public artwork
  • Develop and maintain a visual inventory of opportunity sites for public art
  • Research and collaborate on diversified public art
  • Promote art education in the classroom
  • Provide support to Town Staff in developing public art outreach materials, including web content, social media, and printed materials, to inform and educate residents and visitors about public art
  • Explore coordination of community arts programming
  • Propose to Council policies and criteria for decommissioning installed art
  • Propose to Council an annual work plan, including priority activities and spending plan for (1) program development activities, (2) opportunity sites for solicited projects, (3) funding for any unsolicited/ open proposals, (4) Public art maintenance
  • Develop recommendations for RFP/RFQ content and selection criteria for specific projects identified in annual work plan
  • Act as the selection committee and make recommendations to staff/ Town Council for art/ artist selection on Town property
  • Recommend any specialized/ non-routine maintenance of installed public art
  • Advise selection process for art proposed on private development sites, if (1) the art is proposed as a development incentive, or (2) the project requests Public Art Program funding