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Marketing and Visitors Subcommittee

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The Town has two contracts for services with the Chamber of Commerce. The first contract is for marketing and promotional services and the second is a contract to operate the California Welcome Center at the downtown Train Depot. The Subcommittee's work involves a comprehensive review of the existing agreements and evaluation of options for both visitor and promotional services going forward. Tasks for the Subcommittee's work include the following: 

   Jessica Abrams


Council Member
Jessica Abrams
Appointed 2017

  • Review the existing contracts;
  • Review work accomplished during the term of the existing agreements;
  • Discuss work scope items for potential inclusion in a new contract;
  • Evaluate community marketing and promotion options including Place, Based Marketing;
  • Hear an update on the Chamber's efforts to create a Tourism Improvement District;
  • Consider the creation of contract performance measures and deliverables;
  • Develop a schedule for periodic reporting to the Town Council; and
  • Develop a recommendation for the Town Council to consider regarding visitor services and community promotion and marketing programs.

View the subcommittee's agendas and minutes, or contact Hilary Hobbs at (530) 582-2914 for more information.