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General Plan Advisory Committee

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General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC)

The Town is embarking on a 2-3 year process to update the 2025 General Plan with a 2040 General Plan. The General Plan is considered Truckee's "blueprint" or guide to fulfill the community's vision for future growth, development and conservation. Concurrent, the Town will also be updating the Downtown Specific Plan. With the Council's initiation of the General Plan Update, the Council approved the creation of a robust community-based public engagement process. The creation of a GPAC was one of several opportunities for public participation supported by Council to involve a variety of stakeholders, community perspectives, and interests. The GPAC will play a critical role in developing an inclusive planning effort that ensures broad public participation.

What is a GPAC?

The GPAC is a temporary Council advisory committee tasked with making recommendations on amendments to the Truckee General Plan to the Truckee Planning Commission and Town Council. The membership will consist of volunteer community members representing a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives and interests.

Who represents the GPAC?

On September 11, 2018, Town Council adopted Resolution 2018-64 appointing the following representatives to the General Plan Advisory Committee:  (Updated January 8, 2019.)

  • (1) One Town Councilmember and one alternate: David Tirman and Anna Klovstad (alternate)
  • (1) One Planning Commissioner and one alternate: Jerusha Hall 
  • (2) Two housing advocate representatives: Seana Doherty/Stacy Caldwell, jointly representing the Mountain Housing Council, and David Horan
  • (1) One alternative transportation representative (bike, pedestrian, transit): Jan Holan
  • (2) Two non-profit representatives: Paco Lindsay and Chelsea Waltersheid
  • (1) One small business with five or less employees: Meg Urie Rab
  • (1) One small business owner/representative (6 - 25 employees): Tom Just
  • (1) One large business owner/representative (more than 25 employees): Jim Winterberger
  • (1) One Downtown property owner or employee: Andie Keith
  • (3) Three Truckee residents/homeowners at large: Kathleen Eagan/Ravn Whitington/Keri Hamby
  • (1) One environmental advocate representative: Alexis Ollar, representing Mountain Area Preservation
  • (1) One youth or youth advocate representative: Jointly shared by Summer Hatcher/Isabella Terrazas/Brian Wolfe
  • (1) One builder or developer representative: Paul Curtis
  • (2) Two energy/sustainability/water representatives: Erin de Lafontaine
  • (1) One Latino advocate representative: Heather Urrea Sullivan

For more information about the GPAC, please contact Jenna Gatto, Planning Manager at 530-582-2922.