Boards, Committees and Commissions

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Planning Commission 

Historic Preservation Advisory Commission 

Building Appeals Boards 

The  Planning Commission is comprised of five commissioners, one appointed by each council member. Planning Commission isresponsible for reviewing proposed developments and related projects to ensure they comply with Truckee's guidelines, including: the General Plan, Development Code, any area specific plans and more. The Historic Preservation Advisory Commission is a citizens advisory body that assists and advises the Council and Town staff on historic preservation matters. The Commission also makes reviews and makes recommendations on historic design review applications. 

The Building Appeals Board serves primarily as an advisory body to the Chief Building Official, who also staffs the group. When needed, the group provides advice on specific building issues to the Town Council and functions as an appeal board for those appealing orders, decisions, or determination made by the Chief Building Official in particular areas.



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General Plan Advisory Committee 

Truckee Tax Measure 
Citizen's Oversight Committee

Council Committee Designations

The GPAC is a temporary Council advisory committee tasked with making recommendations on amendments to the Truckee General Plan to the Truckee Planning Commission and Town Council. The membership will consist of volunteer community members representing a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives and interests.

The purpose of the Truckee Tax Measure Citizens Oversight Board shall be to meet annually to audit the road and trail projects funded by Measures V and R to ensure that the use of the funds is in accordance with the approved ballot measures. The findings of the Board will be advisory to the Town Council and reviewed in conjunction with the Town’s annual audit. 

A list of other committees the Town Council is a member.


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Redevelopment Successor Agency

Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board

2017 Maddy Act Posting

Programs and projects funded by the Redevelopment Agency have been eliminated. The responsibility for winding down activities for the Truckee Redevelopment Agency will fall to the Town Council acting as what is being call the “Successor Agency.”

 All the actions and decisions of the Truckee Redevelopment Successor Agency are subject to review by the Truckee Redevelopment Successor Agency Oversight Board.

A list of appointed positions, the terms of the appointment, and the qualifications, along with additional information about vacancies, responsibilities, and meeting obligations.
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 Sister City Committee


The Sister City Committee will help initiate a new sister city program in Truckee. Once a sister city partnership is established, the committee will then work with representatives from Truckee’s sister city to plan collaborative or exchange opportunities.