Watercraft Inspection Program

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Hours of Operation for Watercraft Inspection Stations:

Truckee-Tahoe Station CLOSED for the season

Alpine Meadows Station - CLOSED for the season

Lake Forest Station - Open Daily from 6 AM to 4 PM



Truckee, CA – The Truckee-Tahoe Watercraft Inspection Station has closed for the 2018 boating season effective September 4, 2018.  All watercraft launching on Donner Lake must have an inspection prior to launching.  All watercraft must be “Clean, Drain and Dry” prior to launching. Watercraft inpsections are mandatory for all boats launching on Donner Lake. Inspections are provided at the Lake Forest Watercraft Inspection Station. Refer to the map for inspection locations.

For more information on watercraft inspections at Donner Lake please visit www.TruckeeBoatInspections.com.

For more information, contact:

Truckee-Tahoe Watercraft Inspection Program




The Town of Truckee is continuing to partner with the Tahoe Resource Conservation District to implement watercraft inspections. Watercraft inspections are mandatory for all motorized and/or trailered watercraft launching on Donner Lake through the Town of Truckee ordinance Title 14. Inspections are to help prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species into Donner Lake. Non-motorized watercraft may be subject to an inspection prior to entering Donner Lake if determined necessary by the Town of Truckee or its designee. Inspections are available the following roadside watercraft inspection stations.

  • Truckee-Tahoe Inspection Station at Truckee Airport - CLOSED for the 2018 season
  • Alpine Meadows - CLOSED for the 2018 season
  • Lake Forest - Open Daily from 6 AM to 4 PM

Once established in local waters, aquatic invasive species such as, invertebrates (New Zealand mudsnails, quagga mussels, and Asian clam), plants (Eurasian watermilfoil, hydrilla, and curlyleaf pondweed), and warm water fishes degrade aquatic ecosystems, inhibit recreation, damage infrastructure and equipment, and cause depreciation in property values.

“The health of local waters continues to be extremely important to the character, natural beauty, and economic vitality of the Town of Truckee”, said Dan Olsen, Police Support Services Manager. “We believe that boaters, anglers, and others who recreate on Donner Lake will continue to embrace the efforts to protect this precious natural resource.”

Watercraft identified as high risk will be required to be decontaminated before being able to launch in Donner Lake. Be prepared and save time and money by arriving at the inspection station Clean, Drain, and Dry.

Donner Lake inspection prices and options:

  • Annual Inspection (valid for calendar year)                           $40/vessel
  • Seasonal Inspection (valid May – Sept)                                    $25/vessel
  • Monthly Inspection                                                                              $10/vessel
  • Donner Only (valid for calendar year)                                      $20/vessel

Boaters who certify that their vessel only launches on Donner Lake are eligible for a Donner Only sticker. Donner Only vessels are required to be inspected and must sign an affidavit verifying the vessel will only be launched in Donner Lake. Boaters who do not exclusively launch on Donner Lake and visit other waterbodies must submit to monthly or seasonal inspections. 


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