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New in the Truckee Downtown Parking District:

Did you know the Town of Truckee is working to improve the Downtown Parking District? Dixon Resources Unlimited (DIXON) is assessing Truckee’s parking operations, strategies, and practices to provide recommendations to improve and enhance the parking experience.

Parking Made Easy:

On August 1, 2019, the Town launched the Railyard Parking Pilot Program. This pilot program will include two hours of free parking and the introduction of the WayToPark mobile application. Customers who park in the Railyard lot will enjoy two hours of free parking and have the option to extend their stay using the Paystation or the WayToPark mobile application. Customers will have the ability to set up a text notification alert when they are nearing the end of their free parking session. Customers will have the opportunity to pay to extend their Railyard parking session using the WayToPark application without requiring them to move or return to their car. 

WayToPark will soon become a tool for employees participating in the Downtown Employee Permit Program to easily initiate their daily parking session within the designated employee permit parking locations.

The Railyard Parking Pilot Program will demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile payment and evaluate the ability to provide free parking to customers. Both could be considered for expansion throughout the entire Downtown. More details soon. 

PAY PARKING 10 am to 6 pm DAILY including Weekends and Holidays (except Thanksgiving day and Christmas day are FREE Parking Days)

FREE 2-HR Parking at the Beacon Lot 10 am to 6 pm
FREE Overnight Parking at the Beacon Lot 6 pm to 10 am
FREE Bus & Train Patron Parking in the Beacon Lot up to 7-Day Max in Designated Spaces