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Animal Behavior Sheets

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Solving Barking Problems

Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

The Canine Escape Artist

Calming the Fearful Dog

Destructive Chewing

Crate Training Your Dog

Dealing with a Dominant Dog

Dog Toys and How to Use Them

Housetraining Your Puppy

Helping Your Dog Overcome Fear of Thunder and Other Startling Noises

How to Use a Head Halter

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Nothing in Life is Free (A Training Technique for Dogs)

Introducing Your New Dog to Your Resident Dog

Dealing with Normal Puppy Behavior (Chewing)

Positive Reinforcement (Training your Dog (or Cat!) with Treats and Praise)

Reducing Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dealing with Normal Puppy Behavior (Nipping and Rough Play)

Understanding Your Puppy's Behavior and Development

Dealing with Submissive and Excitement Urination

Using Aversives to Modify Your Dog's Behavior


Cat Toys and How to Use Them

Cat Aggression toward People

Discouraging Free-Roaming Cats

Destructive Scratching

Introducing Your New Cat to the Litter Box

Introducing Your New Cat to Your Other Pets

Reducing Your Cat's Fearful Behavior

Managing Your Kitten's Rough Play

Solving Litter Box Problems

Positive Reinforcement (Training Your Cat)

Understanding Your Talkative Cat

Solving Aggression Between Family Cats

Your Pregnancy and Your Cat

Understanding Your Kitten's Behavior and Development

Using Aversives to Modify Your Cat's Behavior


Preparing Pets for a New Baby

Coping with Allergies

Removing Pet Stains and Odors

Caring for Pets When You're Ill

Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs and Cat

Reducing Urine-Marking Behavior in Dogs and Cats

Selecting the Right Pet for Your Kids & Making the Introduction