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Geographic Information Systems



The Town of Truckee Public Works Department supports and maintains mapping, map applications and analysis support for Town departments, outside agencies and the public.  GIS is the public's portal to geographically referenced maps and data for the Town of Truckee.



Town of Truckee GIS Data is available to the public through the Town's GIS open data portal.

Data Downloads


 For additional GIS resources see Nevada County GIS or Placer County GIS.



Truckee 511 provides you with the ability to see Town snow removal equipment throughout Town.  This application becomes available November 1st of each year (depending upon the weather of course).  Truckee 511 also provides maps that depict the order in which each road is plowed.  The Sand and Plow Animated Route Maps story board depicts two plow and sand route maps for each route.  One static map is available which lists each road within a route.  An animated map is also provided which animates each route.  These maps are also available directly from Truckee 511.  From the Truckee 511 app, click on the triple lines to the left of the Truckee 511 title bar, click on "Service Information" then click the link entitled "Sand and Plow Animated Route Maps".  

 YourGOV is a public-facing web application developed to encourage and enable the public to communicate issues on Town roads and rights-of-ways to the Department of Public Works.  This application is directly linked to the Public Works Road Division Asset Management Database and generates real-time e-mails to staff.   Staff immediately generates service requests from the e-mails and forwards them to department supervisors for action and or responses as required.

Truckee 511                                                            YourGOV


The Town of Truckee Evacuation Routes is an interactive map depicting impacted routes and evacuation routes.  Because Truckee has the potential for a number of natural disasters, including wild land fire, wind storms, snow storms and flooding to name a few, it is of the utmost importance to know your way around.  Please take some time to review the Greater Truckee Area Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Guide for further details.

 Town of Truckee Evacuation Route2

The interactive Town of Truckee Trail Map provides maps for Truckee trails, including access information, trail class type, difficulty levels and trail length.   Also provided is a detailed description providing unique information about each trail.   A mobile application is offered as well for your biking and hiking pleasure.

Trail Map - DesktopTrail Map - Mobile

Click on the map below to search Building Records                                        Nevada County Regional Law Enforcement Activity

 Building Record Look Up          NV County Regional Law Enforcement Activity


Map of Truckee

Skislope Winter Advisory


DISCLAIMER: Before you access the Town of Truckee Mapping Applications, please read the disclaimer listed below. Thanks for your cooperation.

"All aspects of the data provided herein are susceptible to a degree of error due to the complexities of the process involved in compiling and programming the data. No warranty, representation, or guarantee is made or implied regarding the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness, reliability or completeness of any data provided herein. All data visualizations on maps are approximate locations and attempts to derive specific locations or other information are not reasonable and are strictly prohibited.

The visual presentation of data is provided strictly as a courtesy and not as an obligation to the users of this mapping application and no representation is made as to its accuracy. The Town of Truckee does not have the available staff to assist in the interpretation of the data provided herein.

This application is for informational purposes only and should not be used or relied upon for emergency services or for any other purposes."