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Truckee 511, YourGOV and CalTrans Quickmap

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                  Truckee 511              CalTrans Quickmap          YourGOV

Truckee 511 maps and tracks the movement of Town sand trucks and snow removal equipment on town-maintained roads, trails and sidewalks.  Time ranges are also provided enabling you to estimate when snow removal equipment was last by.  This application is made available November 1st of each year (depending upon the weather of course).   Truckee 511 also provides Sand and Plow Animated Route Maps for each route and CalTrans Quickmap.  

The Sand and Plow Animated Route Maps provide two map types for each sand and plow route.  The first map depicts a map of the route and lists each road in the order in which it is plowed.  The second map provides animation for each route.  The actual order in which roads are plowed may vary due to weather and traffic complications. 

Caltrans Quickmap is also provided to assist you.  This app provides many features for interstate travel including accident warnings, road conditions, interstate plow locations, message signs, road cameras, rest areas and Waze Alerts just to name a few.  It also provides phone apps for smartphones.

To view these maps open Truckee 511, click on the triple lines at the left of the Truckee 511 title bar at the top of the map,  click "Service Information", then click either the "Sand and Plow Animated Route Maps" or "CalTrans Quickmap" link.  

 YourGOV is a public-facing web application developed to encourage and enable the public to communicate issues on Town roads and rights-of-ways to the Department of Public Works.  This application is directly linked to the Public Works Road Division Asset Management Database and generates real-time e-mails to staff.   Staff immediately generates service requests from the e-mails and forwards them to department supervisors for action and or responses as required.


DISCLAIMER: Before you access the Town of Truckee Mapping Applications, please read the disclaimer listed below. Thanks for your cooperation.

"All aspects of the data provided herein are susceptible to a degree of error due to the complexities of the process involved in compiling and programming the data. No warranty, representation, or guarantee is made or implied regarding the content, sequence, accuracy, timeliness, reliability or completeness of any data provided herein. All data visualizations on maps are approximate locations and attempts to derive specific locations or other information are not reasonable and are strictly prohibited.

The visual presentation of data is provided strictly as a courtesy and not as an obligation to the users of this mapping application and no representation is made as to its accuracy. The Town of Truckee does not have the available staff to assist in the interpretation of the data provided herein.

This application is for informational purposes only and should not be used or relied upon for emergency services or for any other purposes."