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Snow Berms

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Berms: We are sorry for this inconvenience, but in making as many roads passable as quickly as possible, there is no way to avoid berms. The Town of Truckee snowplow operators push the snow off the roadway in smooth, continuous passes and the snow ends up on the road shoulders, sometimes blocking driveways. To avoid double work, try to shovel snow from your driveway after a plow has been by and shovel the snow to the right of your driveway as you face the road.

Vacation Rental Properties: We receive many calls through the season from vacation renters about snow berms. Visitors and vacationers frequently call to ask how to remove the berms in their driveways or who they can call to have them removed. It’s always a good idea to ask your property management company or the home owner the following questions in advance of your winter vacation so you can be prepared to remove snow and berms from your driveway, or call a contractor if necessary.

  1. Is there is a snow removal contract in place for the residence?
  2. Are shovels or a snow blower available at the residence if needed?
  3. What is the name of a snow removal company who will come out and clear snow from the driveway?

Snow Removal Schedules: We receive calls every year suggesting we coordinate our plow schedules with private snow removal companies. Residents and visitors alike become very frustrated when they’ve spent a great deal of time and energy removing snow and berms from their driveway, only to have the plow pass by and berm their driveway immediately after they’ve finished clearing it. We apologize for this inconvenience and typically snow removal companies are aware of our plowing schedules and do their best to follow after Town snow removal equipment.

There are, however, many significant factors which can change the Town snow removal schedules in an instant. For example, law enforcement priorities may cause us to have to reschedule one or more of our plows in an emergency situation to conduct snow removal or traffic control; single or multiple vehicle accidents and/or vehicles stranded in the road force plow drivers to stop and turn around because they can’t pass an accident or stranded vehicles; high winds and/or heavy snow can create a zero visibility and impassible snow drifts which can slow or stop plow drivers entirely; and equipment breakdowns or chains breakage can force a plow to return to the shop for repairs.

During the winter season road crews work 24/7 to accommodate the snow removal needs of our community. For any emergency please call 911. However, for your convenience during storm events, the Operations Center at the Department of Public Works is manned through the day. Our phones are also monitored through the night by our crew leaders. If you have a question or concern, we can be reached at (530) 582-7707.

It is our goal to provide high quality service as quickly and thoroughly throughout our community as possible.