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Claim For Damages Procedure

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If you believe you have property damage resulting from a Town of Truckee Department of Public Works vehicle or which occurred as a result of snow removal conducted by the Town of Truckee Department of Public Works, please call us at (530) 582-7707.  Damage Reports shall be taken during normal working hours then submitted to Administrative Services - Risk Management when applicable.  During severe storm events the Operations Center of the Department of Public Works is manned and we will try to respond to calls as we are able and within the constraints of our resources. Please call 9-1-1- for any emergency.

We will respond to your location as soon as possible to take a report, acquire photos and provide you with the documentation and contact information you require.  We ask that you leave the damaged property in its place if at all possible until we can respond. 

A Claim Form will be provided by the Public Works employee who responds to take a report or can be downloaded from this site.  Claim Forms are to be completed by the property owner and submitted to Administrative Services - Risk Management.  For further information on Town of Truckee claim procedures, please go to Administrative Services, Risk Management.

 Things You Should Know

Right-of-Ways for Town Snow Storage:

The public right of way is used by the Town for storage of snow plowed from the streets. It is not available for snow storage for individuals. The right-of-way varies in each subdivision. An average right-of-way is 60' (approximately 30' from the center of the roadway). Tahoe Donner has a 60' right-of-way with an additional 20' on each side for snow storage, except for Northwoods Blvd. which has an 80' right-of-way with an additional 20' for snow storage. A good indicator is telephone poles, which are usually located within the street right-of-way, about 3 feet from the edge of the private property line.

Mail Boxes:

Any mailbox installed within the Town right-of-ways is placed there at the owner's risk. Therefore, owners are encouraged to install mailboxes at the maximum usable distance from the edge of the roadway. Posts should be checked for deterioration to reduce the possibility of breakage due to the weight of plowed snow.

Roadside Parking Ban:

Per Town Code Section 10.17.030, from November 1 to April 1 it is illegal to park vehicles in the Town right of way. This code is strictly enforced by law enforcement and you may be cited and/or towed. Please note that the right-of way extends beyond the edge of the road pavement (see Right-of-Ways above) inward beyond the snow poles.