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Private Snow Removal

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The Town of Truckee does not provide private snow removal. However, there are many snow removal contractors within the Town of Truckee. While we are unable to give recommendations, we suggest you view your local listings for snow removal contractors.

The Department of Public Works receives many calls through the season from part-time residents and vacation renters about snow accumulations and/or berms in their driveways. So that you can be prepared to remove snow and/or berms from your driveway or have a contractor do so, it is highly recommended that you ask your property management company or the home owner, in advance of your winter vacation, what arrangements have been made in the event of snowfall.

Helpful Questions To Ask:

  1. Is there an accumulation of snow that needs to be removed before you arrive at the vacation home which could prevent you from entering the residence (e.g., driveways and pathways)?
  2. Is there is a snow removal contract in place for the residence?
  3. Are shovels or a snow blower w/ fuel available at the residence if needed?
  4. What is the name of a snow removal company who will come out and do a one-time clearing of snow from the driveway?

If you are removing snow from your own driveway or parking area, here are some things to remember:

Know the Right-of-Way
The public right of way is used by the Town for storage of snow plowed from the streets. It is not available for snow storage for individuals. The right-of-way varies in each subdivision; the average right-of-way is 60' (approximately 30' from the center of the roadway). Tahoe Donner has a 60' right-of-way with an additional 20' on each side for snow storage except for Northwoods Blvd. which has a 80' right-of-way with an additional 20' for snow storage. A good indicator is telephone poles, which are usually located within the street right-of-way, about 3 feet from the edge of the private property line.

If you have a question about right-of-way, call the Public Works Department at (530) 582-7707.

Where to Store the Snow
If the Town will not let you use the right-of-way, what do you do with the snow from the driveways?

Driveway contractors and private property owners should arrange to store snow in front yards (outside the right-of-way and snow storage area), side yards or areas where the owner is given permission.

Please use common courtesy for neighbors by not pushing or blowing snow onto their property.

It is unlawful to pile snow as to block or cover street signs, culvert inlets and outlets or other drainage structures.

Pushing Snow into Streets
Under no circumstances can snow be plowed or blown in a manner that interferes with town snow removal operations, or with the public's normal use of town streets.

When removing snow from private property, regardless of the type of equipment used, no loose or packed snow is to remain on the public street.