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Mission Statement

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Department of Public Works Mission Statement

The mission of our Department is to provide year round, all weather service to our community, to enable our neighbors and guests to enjoy the uniqueness of our area in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Service:  Our goal is to fulfill the expectations that the ongoing struggle against the forces of nature will be met and overcome with a combination of professionalism, knowledge and tenacity that our community will benefit from.

People:  We charge ourselves with staffing our Department with professional, dedicated employees who will take the needs of the community to heart and dedicate themselves to the completion of these tasks.

Excellence:  We adhere to the belief that education and training for all employees will help us get closer to the goal of excellence, and that by constantly striving for that excellence we are constantly improving.

Communication:  We firmly believe that open, honest and civil communication from and to our Department causes a greater awareness and understanding of problems and the actions needed for solutions.  Communication requires as much give as take.

Teamwork:  We believe in ourselves and in each other, therefore we believe that what any individual may do reflects on the group, and we insist that reflection shines brightly.  We will actively and positively cooperate with other employees, departments, organizations and agencies.