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  • Why doesn’t the Town install speed humps or speed bumps?

  • Where does the Town install crosswalks?

  • Driving directions to the Department of Public Works Public Service Center

  • Will the Town of Truckee Remove Snow From My Driveway?

  • A Town snowplow damaged my car/property.

  • Can you tell me if Interstate 80 is open?

  • When will my street be plowed?

  • When is the Town going to start plowing the streets?

  • Why hasn't my street been sanded, it is icy everywhere!

  • I have been calling the Public Works Department, but the phone is answered by the voice mail system.

  • How can I find out about road conditions in our area?

  • I have sometimes seen the Town of Truckee trucks driving along with their snowplows up when it is snowing. Why?

  • What should I do if an emergency occurs and I don't think the rescue or emergency vehicles can get through on the roads?

  • Which roads are the Town of Truckee responsible for clearing?

  • How does the Town of Truckee prepare for the snow season?

  • Who do I report pot holes in roads to?

  • Who should I call about snow removal?

  • Who plows the snow?

  • Who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance?