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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can I cut down trees on my property?

  • Can I cut down trees in front of my house that are in the Town right of way (and not on my property?)

  • Who do I talk to about an issue with traffic signs or traffic lights?

  • Where am I allowed to place my mailbox / bear box?

  • Why do I need to call in a subgrade inspection 48 hours prior to a foundation inspection?

  • Why is the grade of my driveway limited to no more than 16% on my property, and no more than 6% in the Town right of way?

  • Why can't I have two driveways or a circular driveway?

  • Do I need a driveway (encroachment) permit if I......?

  • What is the difference between re-paving and slurry seal?

  • How often is my street slurry sealed?

  • Why does my driveway need to be asphalt?

  • What is the Town right of way?

  • How do I get notified about upcoming construction or consultant work?

  • What do I do if I notice a water quality issue, such as spills, foamy water, or discolored water in a creek, stream, ditch, or stormdrain?

  • If I add a 4th /5th /6th (etc) bedroom to my house, why do I have to pay extra fees to the Engineering Department for traffic impact?

  • When will my street be repaved?

  • Who should I call about snow removal?

  • When do I NOT need a driveway permit?

  • Who do I report pot holes in roads to?

  • What are the Town limits?