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Facilities Maintenance

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McIver RoundaboutThe Public Works Facilities Maintenance Division oversees the operations of Town Hall, as well as all other properties owned or operated by the Town. Properties maintained include Town Hall, the Riverview Corporation Yard, the Stevens Lane Public Works Facility, the Intermodal Depot, The Tahoe Donner Shop, the Animal Service Facilities and the McGiver Dairy Site. Facilities personnel consists of the Director of Public Works, Fleet/Facilities Manager, one full-time Senior Facilities Maintenance Worker, two full time Facilities Maintenance Workers II, two full-time Landscapers and one full-time Administrative Technician. These are personnel are responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting all building systems and conduction preventative maintenance for these systems.

The Facilities Maintenance Division is also responsible for keeping the Town’s trails system maintained and safe for public users. Facilities Maintenance is responsible for 12.5 miles of trails system which include the Legacy Trail, trails along Brockway Road, Northward towards Alder Creek Road, behind the Alder Creek Middle School, (Rue Ivy) Trout Creek Trail and the Mousehole (89 south) Trail. Measure R funds maintenance of trails. For any trails issue you may come across please report them to (530) 582-7705.