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Truckee River Legacy Trail Questions and Answers

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Legacy Trail Questions and Answers

What do you mean by No Motorized Vehicles? Are electric bikes allowed? Are small engine (50cc) mopeds allowed?

Although the Town may decide to further define whether electric bikes or small motors are allowed on the trail, all motorized vehicles (no matter how small the motor) are currently prohibited to be on the trail. The exception to this rule is authorized maintenance vehicles.

What are the rules of the trail?

Please see our “Trail Etiquette” flyer.

Why was the trail “painted” brown?

Because the Truckee River Legacy Trail travels through significant historic and prehistoric site, the Tahoe National Forest has expressed concern over the visual impact of the trail and recommended that it be designed to blend in with the surrounding soils. As such, the Town agreed to seal coat the trail in a natural earth tone. The color was only applied to the section of the trail that runs through or is visible from the cultural sites.