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Reimagine Bridge Street FAQs

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Q: Can the railroad tracks be placed in a tunnel underground like they did in Reno?

A: The railroad cannot exceed certain grades in order for the train to make it over the summit.  The track grade is currently at the maximum grade allowed. Therefore, we consider this option infeasible.

Q: Will the Quiet Zone improvements eliminate the train horn?

A: The quiet zone improvements eliminate the requirements to sound the horn. However, it is up to each operator if they want to sound the horn or if they need to due to a vehicle or person on the tracks. Improvements will not eliminate the horn, but will likely reduce the frequency, especially at night when it is not busy.

Q: Can the road be built over or under the railroad tracks?

A: The grades for a tunnel or bridge requires roadway grades of a minimum of 25%. For reference, Northwoods Boulevard grade is 8 to 10% on the face. Therefore, we consider this alternative infeasible.

Q: How big are the roundabouts (Option 2)?

A: The roundabouts in Option 2 are 100 feet in diameter. These are smaller than other roundabouts in Town due to the property constraints. Although the roundabouts are not anticipated to impact historic buildings, they will likely require removal or modification of non-historic buildings.

  1. Church Street Roundabout=115 foot diameter
  2. Martis Valley Roundabout=130 foot diameter
  3. McIver Roundabout=130 foot diameter

Q: What is the funding for the project?

A: The funding for the Bridge Street intersection improvements is from the Traffic Impact Fee program, which is a program that collects funds from development.  Grant funds may be a funding source in the future as well.

Q: Is the project funded?

A: There is funding for the project, however, the exact cost of the improvements is not known at this time and the amount needed will depend on the alternative selected. 

Q: When will the project be constructed?

A: The earliest construction date would be the summer of 2021.  However, this will depend on the option selected as different alternatives require more Union Pacific Railroad review and authorization than other options.

Q: What are the costs of the improvement options?

A: We do not have construction cost estimates so these are rough numbers. On an order of magnitude, Minor Sidewalk Improvements are estimated in the $1M range. Traffic Signals and Roadway Reconfiguration (with a new McIver Roundabout) is in the $3-4M range and Roundabouts is in the $6M range.