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Reimagine Bridge Street: Linking Downtown

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Reimagine Bridge Street Project Advisory Committee Meeting | Mon., Apr. 29 | 4:30 p.m. | Truckee Town Hall

The Reimagine Bridge Street project encompasses intersection improvements on Bridge Street at Donner Pass 

Road and East/West River Streets. The Town of Truckee is exploring options for improving these intersections. 

Eighteen intersection alternatives have been considered and are grouped into four categories. The sidebar tabs and chart below present a summary of the top option from each alternatives category.

Click through each to watch a short video enacting the intersection scenarios. 

Survey results are available here!


PROJECT AREA: Bridge Street intersections at Donner Pass Road & East/West River Street

1. Improve pedestrian safety and circulation through implementing sidewalks on both sides of Bridge Street and at least one protected crosswalk across Bridge Street at both West/East River Streets and Donner Pass Road intersections. The protected crosswalk(s) would include either refuge islands, stop signs or signals.

2. Maintain or improve traffic flow with or without a train present.

3. Designate a Quiet Zone to eliminate the requirement for engineers to sound the train horn when approaching the track crossing.

4. Protect historic buildings.



Minor Improvements: Sidewalks and Quiet Zone

Icon- Ped

Click to watch video! (1 MINUTE 38 SECONDS)

Roundabouts: Single Lane Roundabout

Icon- Roundabout

Click to watch video! (1 MINUTE 41 SECONDS)

Traffic Signals

Icon- Traffic Signal

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Roadway Reconfiguration: Bridge Street Vehicle Closure and New McIver Roundabout

 Icon- Reroute

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Get Involved

We want to hear your concerns and comments prior to making the final decision on the intersection alternative. The Town and the Project Advisory Committee want to hear from those who use our roadways most.

Learn More about all of the Proposed Alternatives for the Reimagine Bridge Street Intersection Improvement Project