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  • Where is the funding for this project coming from and will my property taxes or sales tax be raised to pay for the improvements?

    The budget for the overall corridor master plan design, as well as the construction of Phase 1 (constructing sidewalks from Richards Boulevard to Frates Lane where there are presently sidewalk gaps), currently includes a $1.5 million Highway Safety Improvement Program grant. An additional $1.5 million in Town General Funds is also budgeted towards the project. The amount of General Funds that are expended on the project will be dependent on the final scope of the Phase 1 project, which has yet to be determined. Implementation of future phases of the project would be dependent on funding availability.
    There is no plan to impose additional tax measures to fund the construction of Envision DPR. The development of an assessment district to fund ongoing maintenance, however, is being considered.
  • How will the medians be laid out across the corridor? Will there be breaks for turning movements and emergency vehicle access and maneuvering?

    The Town has received significant input from community members and an emphasis is being placed on the design and consideration of any median structures (including breaks for turning movements and special attention to emergency access).   Phase I design includes pedestrian islands for increased pedestrian safety, similar to the existing crosswalk on Donner Pass Road in front of Tahoe Forest Hospital.   One benefit associated with a center median is the provision of separate travel lanes, which calms the flow of traffic and provides a safer experience for all users. Median islands at crosswalks also provide safer pedestrian crossings because pedestrians are able to cross the street in a 2-stage process (one direction at a time) by utilizing the center refuge median. Medians also provide an opportunity to install landscaping to improve the aesthetics of the corridor.  Full length medians are not planned at this time.
  • What type of landscaping will the project include?

    The Town’s intent is to provide aesthetically-pleasing landscaping which is both drought-resistant and low cost for maintenance.
  • Does my opinion matter or has the design of the corridor already been decided on?

    The community’s input is highly valued in designing for this project. The Town of Truckee is very excited to design and implement the Envision DPR project for the betterment of the community. To provide the best overall improvements for the community, it is paramount that Truckee residents have an opportunity to help shape the project’s design. We have encouraged all forms of communication between the public and the Town engineers by providing input mediums such as community meetings at Town Hall, booths set up at Truckee Thursdays, outreach to businesses in the affected area, surveys, and conventional telephone and email contacts for engineering staff. Contact engineering staff with questions or input.

  • Kings Beach has experienced issues with their newly constructed roundabouts. How does the Town account for specific design and maintenance of the roundabouts in our community?

    The Town has extensive experience in designing, constructing, and maintaining roundabouts, having implemented 8 roundabouts since 1998. Any issues experienced with Kings Beach roundabouts along the corridor are specific to their project sites. The major roundabouts in Truckee are considerably larger than those in Kings Beach, although minor roundabouts may be similar in size, and any roundabouts built on Donner Pass Road will be designed and constructed similarly to those that already exist in order to meet the function and need of our community. It is worth noting, Kings Beach recently reconstructed the splitter islands at the roundabouts to function more like the existing roundabouts in Truckee.

    Snow removal in roundabouts has been conducted by Town of Truckee Public Works staff and private contractors since 1998 and is accomplished by plowing the snow and placing it in designated snow storage locations around Truckee. The same snow removal procedures will be taken with any new roundabouts constructed.

  • How do roundabouts compare to traffic signals as far as efficiency and safety is concerned?

    Traffic engineers and communities have increasingly come to recognize the benefits of modern roundabouts, which have been shown to improve traffic flows by moving vehicles more efficiently through an intersection, improving safety, and decreasing emissions from vehicles idling at a traffic signal or stop. By eliminating turn lanes and reducing vehicle queuing requirements, roundabouts can also serve an important urban design function by reducing the total size of an intersection, and by allowing installation of landscaping in the central portion of an intersection to improve overall intersection aesthetics. For these reasons, the Town of Truckee General Plan policies recommend roundabouts over traffic signals.