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This very exciting community project is currently being designed and constructed by the Town of Truckee. The project, Envision DPR (Donner Pass Road), will improve Donner Pass Road from McIver Roundabout to Coldstream Road.



Project benefits:

  • Streetscape beautification
  • New and upgraded pedestrian and cycling facilities - sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bike lanes
  • Improved traffic flow and traffic calming
  • Undergrounding Utilities

The Town has been awarded a $1.5 million Highway Safety Improvement Program grant to design the project and build the first phase of construction.

The project improvements will result in an attractive, pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly corridor that better accommodates our town’s transportation needs. Local residents and visitors will have a safer, more attractive area to shop and dine. The corridor will provide improvements for many users, including cyclists, pedestrians, and school children. 

Envision DPR Construction Schedule

  • Western Segment Utility Undergrounding Project
    Summer 2018
  • Envision DPR Phase 1 Pedestrian Improvement Project
    Summer 2019
  • Northwoods Boulevard/ Donner Pass Road Roundabout Project
    Summer 2020 

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Presentations from Public Meetings for Envision DPR:

2018-03-21     Envision DPR Public Workshop #5

2017-07-19     Envision DPR Public Workshop #4

2017-05-25     Envision DPR Public Workshop #3

2016-03-03     Envision DPR Public Workshop #2 

2015-07-29     Envision DPR Public Workshop #1 

Staff Reports and other presentations associated with the Envision DPR Project

Envision Donner Pass Road Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District Number 1 Public Hearing, Property Ballot Tabulation and Resolution

Envision DPR Corridor Improvement Project C1407 Phase 1 RSTP funding request

Envision DPR Landscaping and Lighting District 1

Envision DPR Maintenance Assessment District Update

Envision DPR Western Segment Utility Undergrounding Funding Partnership

Adoption of Ordinance 2016-15 Establishing Underground Utility Districts

Underground Utility District Ordinance 2016-15 and Municipal Code Section 13.06

Public Hearing - Intention to Establish Underground Utility Districts

Envision DPR Design and Maintenance District Update Presentation

Contract Award with Mark Thomas & Company for Design of Envision DPR Phase 1 C1407

Donner Pass Road and Downtown Underground Utility District Presentation

Contract Award with Mark Thomas & Company for Design of Envision DPR Phase 1 C1407   

Envision Donner Pass Road Public Process Presentation

Envision Donner Pass Road Mitigated Negative Delcaration

View the Donner Pass Road Initial Study/Mitigated
Negative Declaration published in March 2017.