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Town Capital Improvement Projects

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Construction Projects


Public Service Center Garages (C1609)

Public Service Center Image_2011







Description: Update the design and construct new Public Works Street Maintenance garages, Public Works Facilities maintenance building,  Transit Services offices and garages, and Police evidence storage building on the Public Service Center property.
Status: Construction currently in progress.
Budget: $14 million
Funding: General Fund, Financing, Facilities and Police Department  Fees.
Project Manager: Scott Mathot

Coldstream Road - Donner Creek Structure Replacement Project (C1607)

Description: Replace the aging  culvert under Coldstream Road with a new arch culvert across Donner Creek to increase flood capacity and improve fish passage. 
Status: Construction anticipated in 2020. 
Budget: $2.3 million 
Funding: Measure V, AB1600 Traffic Fees, General Fund, and Developer Funding. 
Project Manager: Mike Vaughan

Church Street Extension Project (C1804) & Trout Creek Restoration - Reach 4 and Upper Reach 5 (C1705)

 Church Street Extension Draft Plan Alternative image

Link to Initial Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration document.

Description: Planning, design, and construction of a new eastern extension of Church Street roadway to connect Church Street between the Railyard Development to a new intersection with Glenshire Drive just west of the Rock and Rose. The Project includes a new bridge over Trout Creek with restoration to a portion of the creek upstream and downstream of the new bridge. The new intersection with Glenshire Drive would be configured as a roundabout.  The Trout Creek Restoration Project would restore Trout Creek upstream of the new bridge to upstream of the balloon track.  The restored creek would provide 100 year flood protection and improve aquatic plus riparian habitat.  Both projects would occur concurrently.
Status: Preliminary planning and a  30% level design was completed in July 2018. A second design phase has started and will refine the design plans from the 30% design level to 100% (final design) level likely occurring before May of 2021 and would include environmental permitting and preparation of construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates. Staff is currently applying for stream restoration grant funds to cover the construction cost of the steam restoration work. 
Budget/Funding: Approximately $7.7 Million in AB 1600 Traffic Impact Fee and Facilities Impact Fee funds. 
Construction: Tentatively planned for the 2021 Construction Season.
Project Manager: Todd E. Landry

 I-80/ Donner Pass Road/ Coldstream Road Roundabout Project (C1712) 

Coldstream Road Roundabout Exhibit_2016-11-01

Description: Construct a single-lane roundabout at the intersection of I-80, Donner Pass Road, and Coldstream Road.
Budget: $3.9 million
Funding: AB1600 Traffic Impact Fees, AHSC Program Funds, and Developer Funding.
Project Manager: Mike Vaughan

West River Street Streetscape Project (C1703)

West River Street Streetscape Project (C1703)

Description: The project will include sidewalks, curbs, gutters, crosswalks, ADA accessibility, landscaping, lighting, utility undergrounding, storm drainage improvements, and parking improvements.
Currently in the design phase.
$5 million
General Fund, AHSC Grant, Streetscape Designation.
Project Manager: 
Jessica Thompson








Reimagine Bridge Street

Description: The project will consist of intersection improvements for pedestrians and vehicles on Bridge Street between Donner Pass Road and East and West River Street.
Status: Currently in the design phase.
Budget: $4.4 Million 
Funding: AB 1600 Traffic Impact Fees.
Project Manager: Jessica Thompson 

Truckee River Legacy Trail Phs 4 Project Aerial image

Truckee River Legacy Trail Phase 4 (C0702)

Construction: Class 1 asphalt trail between Brockway Road and West River Street/89 South intersection.
Status: Currently in the design phase. 
Budget: $11 Million 
Funding: Measure R, Unfunded 
Project Manager: Jessica Thompson  

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