Town Capital Improvement Projects

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Upcoming Capital Improvement Projects


 Image - Public Service Garages conceptual elevations        Overview Map of the 2018 Slurry Seal Project   

Public Service Center Garages
Project (C1609)

2018 Slurry Seal 
Project (C1801)

Description: Update the design and construct new Public Works Street Maintenance garages, Public Works facilities maintenance building, and Police evidence storage building on the Public Service Center property.
Status: Design work to be completed Summer 2018, Construction to begin late Summer/Fall 2018.
Budget: $7 million
Funding: General Fund
Project Manager: Drew Jack and Bret Albert

Description: Slurry seal streets in Tahoe Donner, Glenshire, Prosser Lakeview Estates, and Gray's Crossing Subdivisions (map pending).
Status: Operations began September 10,2018, and are scheduled to go through the end of September.
Budget: $685,000
Funding: Local (Measure V, Truckee Special Service Area #1, and Truckee Special Service Area #5).
Project Manager: Mike Vaughan



2018 Paving and Drainage overview


Envision DPR - Western Segment Utility Undergrounding Project Area image

2018 Paving and Drainage
Project (C1802)

Envision DPR (Donner Pass Road) Western Segment Utility Undergrounding Project (C1815)

Description: Pave streets in Tahoe Donner, Donner Lake, and Downtown areas as well as drainage improvements at various locations throughout town (map pending).
Status: Operations began August 27, 2018 and are scheduled to go through the end of November 2018.
Budget: $4 million
Funding: Local (Measure V, Overlay Designation, Truckee Special Service Area #1 funds and Truckee Special Service Area #5 funds).
Project Manager: Mike Vaughan

Description: Convert overhead utilities to underground facilities along Donner Pass Road.
Status: Construction scheduled for Summer of 2018.
Budget: $2.8 million
Funding: General Fund and Utility Partnership.
Project Manager: Scott Mathot


Capital Improvement Projects In Design 


Envision DPR Phase 1 aerial image Aerial image of Northwoods Blvd. & Donner Pass Road Intersection

Envision DPR (Donner Pass Road) Corridor Improvement Project
Western Segment Phase 1 (C1407)

Northwoods Boulevard/Donner Pass Road Roundabout Project (C1608)

Description: Construct sidewalk and pedestrian crossing enhancements along Donner Pass Road between Richards Boulevard and State Route 89 South/Frates Lane.
Status: Currently in the design phase with construction Summer of 2019.
Budget: $5 million
Funding: Federal ($1.5 million), Regional Surface Transportation Program, Local (Measure V), and General Fund
Project Manager: Scott Mathot
Construction: Construct a roundabout at the intersection of Northwoods Boulevard and Donner Pass Road.
Status: Currently in the design phase with construction anticipated in 2020.
Budget: $2.3 million
Funding: General Fund
Project Manager: Scott Mathot


C1810 Ski Slope Way Vehicle Turnaround  Bridge Street,West River Street and Donner Pass Road Intersection Improvements aerial image

Ski Slope Way Vehicle Turnaround (C1810)

Bridge Street/West River Street/Donner Pass Road Intersection Improvements (C1805) 

Description: Design and construct two vehicle turnarounds on Skislope Way to improve snow removal operations.
Status: Currently in the planning and design phase. Anticipated construction in Summer 2018.
Budget: $230,000
Funding: TSSA #1 – Tahoe Donner
Project Manager: Todd E. Landry     

Description: Project will consist of intersection improvements for pedestrians and vehicles.
Status: Currently in the design phase .
Budget: $2.4 Million
Funding: AB 1600 Traffic Impact Fees
Project Manager: Jessica Thompson


Small Town Logo Truckee River Legacy Trail Phs 4 Project Aerial image

Coldstream Road and Donner Creek Crossing Structure Replacement (C1607)

Truckee River Legacy Trail Phase 4 (C0702)

Description: Replace the aging box culvert under Coldstream Road with a new bridge across Donner Creek to increase flood capacity and improve fish passage.
Status: Construction anticipated in 2019.
Budget: $1.2 million
Funding: Measure V, AB1600 Traffic Fees, General Fund, and Developer Funding.
Project Manager: Mike Vaughan

Construction: Class 1 asphalt trail between Brockway Road and West River Street/89 South intersection
Status: Design Phase
Budget: $11 Million
Funding: Measure R, Unfunded
Project Manager: Jessica Thompson

Church Street Extension Project (C1804)

 30% Plans of Church Street to Glenshire Drive.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Church Street Extension Project (C1804)

Description: Planning, design, and construction of a new eastern section of Church Street roadway to be extended from the balloon track in the Railyard Redevelopment area to a new intersection with Glenshire Drive just west of the Rock and Rose. The Project includes a new bridge over Trout Creek with restoration to a portion of the creek upstream and downstream of the new bridge. The new intersection with Glenshire Drive would be configured as a roundabout.
Status: Preliminary planning and a  30% level design was completed in July 2018. A second design phase would refine the design plans from the 30% design level to 100% (final design) level likely occurring between September 2018 and June 2019 and would include environmental permitting and preparation of construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates. The start of Phase 2 design is contingent upon the Public Utility Commission granting approval for the roadway to cross the balloon track.
Budget/Funding: Approximately $4.5 Million in AB 1600 Traffic Impact Fee and Facilities Impact Fee funds.
Construction: Tentatively planned for the Summer/Fall of 2019.
Project Manager: Todd E. Landry


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