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Clean Water Program

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Clean Water Program

Stormwater General Information

Did you know that water entering our drainage ditches and storm drains is not treated before it flows directly into our local rivers, lakes, and streams? Water runoff often travels over paved areas and other surfaces, picking up chemicals, oils, grease, dirt, trash, and animal waste before it ends up in our waterways.

Do you know the difference between the sewer system in your home and the storm drain located on your street? Don’t worry if you don’t, you’re not alone!

  • Water going down sinks, toilets, and showers flows to the water treatment facility, where it is treated to remove pollutants before entering the Truckee River.
  • Water flowing onto streets and into gutters enters into the storm drains around Town and flows directly into the Truckee River. This water is called urban runoff, and on the way to the river it picks up chemicals, oils, grease, dirt, trash, and animal waste from our paved areas. 

What can I do?

Visit the Residents Info Page to learn how residents can easily change their habits to decrease stormwater pollution.

Are you a business and have questions about stormwater? Visit our Business Info Page and learn how to clean up your business practices. 

Visit the Brochures and Publications page for Best Management Practices for construction sites and for information regarding upcoming commercial/industrial facility stormwater inspections.

Visit our Clean Boater Program page to learn more about how to become a Clean Boater.

Visit the Documents Page to read the Town of Truckee's Stormwater Quality Ordinance, the Water Quality Monitoring Program, and the Stormwater Phase II MS4 Permit!

Have you seen storm drain markers around Town? If you are wondering what they are, go check out our page All About Storm Drain Markers!

What is the Town of Truckee doing?

The Truckee Clean Water Program works with agencies, organizations, citizens, and businesses of Truckee to reduce pollution in stormwater runoff and keep our surface waters clean. The Program's goal is to enhance Truckee’s quality of life while ensuring that the Town meets or exceeds State legislated mandates involving stormwater management and water pollution prevention.

Clean Water Infraction Hotline

If you would like to report an observed infraction of the Town's stormwater ordinance, please call our Clean Water Hotline at (530) 582-7794 or email our Clean water infraction email hotline or report an issue through our online reporting tool, found here:


Questions regarding the Clean Water Program: 
Jessica Thompson, PE  or Drew Jack, QSP
Phone: (530) 582-2938