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Current Housing Programs

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The Town has a number of tools in place that aim to facilitate both low income and moderate income home production and preservation.  See below for a list of existing programs and tools.

New Programs 

Starting in 2020, the Town is initiating a number of new programs.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon!


Existing Programs and Tools

 Tool/Program  Description

Inclusionary Housing Ordinance 


Requires all new residential housing developments to include affordable
units in perpetuity (15% of total unit count must be affordable).


Workforce Housing Ordinance


Requires new Commercial Project to build housing for employees. 


Density Bonus Ordinance 


Provides density bonuses, concessions, and incentives for projects that construct low
and moderate income housing. 


Fee Relief


Impact fees methodology based on size, rather than flat fee.  Results in lower fees for 
smaller units. 




Allocation of funds to affordable housing projects (case-by-case) from Town General 
Funds and In-Lieu Housing Funds to various affordable housing projects and one local
deed-restricted project.





Provide low-interest loans to affordable housing projects.

Results:  $2 Million issued in low-interest housing rehabilitation loans.
                    $1.25 Million loan to Frishman Hollow I.


First-time Homebuyer Assistance


Have facilitated $3 Million in HOME, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), CalHome,
Building Equity and Growth in Neighborhoods (BEGIN), Truckee Redevelopment Agency, and Town
oan funds for 58 households - a total of 76 loans! 


 Streamlined Development 
Review Process


Prioritize review process and building inspection during construction for projects
serving 100% low to moderate income levels.


Fee Deferral

Consideration of fee deferrals include:

  • Application Fees
  • Building Permit Fees
  • Town Traffic Impact Fees, and/or
  • Recreational Impact Fees