Trail Etiquette

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TrailThe Town of Truckee recommends that common trail etiquette be followed for users of the trail network. This includes an emphasis on courtesy and cooperation with others rather than a restrictive set of edicts. The recommended trail etiquette is outlined below:

  • Clean up after pets and horses
  • Stay to the right except when passing
  • Give a clear, audible warning signal before passing
  • As a courtesy to other dirt or paved trail users and neighbors, refrain from loitering near adjacent  homes
  • Bicyclists yield to pedestrians and equestrians. Pedestrians yield to equestrians
  • When entering or crossing dirt or paved trails, yield to those on the dirt or paved trail
  • Help keep the dirt trail or paved trails clean. Pack it in, pack it out
  • Exercise caution and obey all traffic laws at all intersections
  • Dog owners are encouraged to carry a leash and be ready to use it as traffic warrants

This etiquette is based upon successful trails in other areas. At this time, the Town is not proposing rules or regulations for any of Truckee’s trails. However, the Town recognizes the importance of users following commonly-accepted trail etiquette to ensure that rules do not need to be established in the future. Truckee’s trails have been designed for multiple user groups. Following commonly-accepted trail etiquette will minimize the inherent conflicts which can arise from varied user groups. While no formal trail rules were adopted as part of the Trails and Bikeways Master Plan, the trail network is restricted to non-motorized users, with the exception of emergency and maintenance vehicles.