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Temporary Suspension of Business Outdoor Activity Regulations

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Truckee Business Outdoor Activity Guidelines

to Support the Temporary Suspension of

Business Outdoor Activity Regulations

Referring to the Following Business Outdoor Activity Regulations:

• Outdoor Display and Sales Standards (Development Code Section 18.58.190)
• Outdoor Storage and Work Areas (Development Code Section 18.58.200)
• Temporary Sign Permit (18.54.050)

Nevada County's attestation of readiness, or readiness plan, was approved by the State. This means that Nevada County has met the State’s readiness criteria to move further into Stage 2 reopening and reopen more local businesses. The Town is suspending certain regulations for outdoor business activities through July 31, 2020 to directly support Truckee’s business community. The following basic guidelines are for use of outdoor space and are not intended to further restrict outdoor business activity. Provided the following criteria are met, no additional permitting is necessary from the Town in order to conduct outdoor business activity through July 31, 2020. We are asking everyone to be thoughtful in their approach to outdoor activity as a reflection of their business and the Town’s image overall and to use a “Keep it Classy Truckee” mindset. These guidelines will be re-visited in mid-July and may be extended by the Community Development Director providing that they are still positively impacting our business activities.

In order for businesses to conduct outdoor business activity, the following criteria must be followed. If you have any questions, please contact .

Within Town of Truckee Limits:

• Must have an existing business within the Truckee Town limits with interior space in order to conduct outdoor business activity within the Town.
• Outdoor business activity may only be conducted as an extension of a business’s indoor activity.
• Business owner must have the permission of the underlying landowner for which Outdoor sales, display, dining/seating, storage, work areas, and other business activities are occurring.
• Shade structures without advertising / wording are allowed so long as they do not interfere with ADA path of travel, and do not unduly impact pedestrian flow.
• All equipment, structures, and appurtenances being used for outdoor business activity must be managed so as not to be damaged by weather or to negatively impact other property owners or businesses.
• Use of parking spaces for outdoor business activity on private property is allowed, excluding ADA accessible parking spaces.
• ADA access and drive isles within parking areas must be maintained at all times.
• Use of parking areas for outdoor business activity may not be so extensive as to cause spillover parking to occur on adjacent properties due to lack of parking on the property where outdoor business activity is occurring.
• Business owners are encouraged to coordinate with adjacent property openers / business owners to reduce potential conflicting uses / interests
• Up to one 25 sf temporary banner sign; and one 6 sf double-sided portable A-frame sign; and one restaurant menu sign; and any COVID-19 guidance signage (such as customer code of conduct, business expectation for customers, etc.) are permitted per business; tasteful location of signs is encouraged. Signs are not permitted in road rights of way

Within Downtown Truckee, all previously listed criteria in addition to the following:
• Outdoor sales, display, dining/seating occurs only on the businesses direct frontage, or if in front of another adjacent business, only with that property and business owner’s permission.
• For Downtown business owners who own or control private parking, those parking areas may be used for outdoor business activity associated only with that business owner.
• A six-foot continuous pedestrian path of travel must be maintained on the sidewalk on the frontage of all businesses at all times.
• Use of parking spaces on the frontage of businesses will be considered on a case by case basis. Downtown business owners who wish to receive consideration for use of on-street parking spaces on the frontage of their business need to contact the Town of Truckee at in order to schedule a site visit to evaluate whether these activities are reasonable and will not unduly impact adjacent businesses or the public.

For additional information on the Stage 2 recommendations from the California Department of Public Health visit: