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Title 18 - Development Code

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Policies, Procedures, and Determinations

The following policies, procedures, and determinations, which have been approved by the Community Development Director, provide further guidance and interpretations on implementation of the Development Code.

1. Fence Restrictions for Wildlife Mitigation
2. Traffic Mitigation Fee
3. Downtown River Design Language
4. Recordation of Lot Line Adjustment Documents
5. Donner Lake Woods and Wolfe Estates Subdivisions Setback Provisions
6. Donner Lake / River-Stream Setback Encroachments
7. Garage Projections into Setbacks
8. Maximum Floor Area and Size for Residential Accessory Structures
9. Ponderosa Fairway Estates Subdivision Setback Provisions
10. Site Coverage for Parcels with Private Access and Driveway Easements
11. Additions to Nonconforming Structures
12. Site Coverage and FAR for Parcels along Donner Lake
14. Secondary Residential Units and Maximum Floor Area / Size for Residential Accessory Structures
15. E-Mail Comments in Response to Public Notice
16. Town Council Notification of Development Code Decisions
17. State Clearinghouse Review of Environment Documents
18. Criteria for CEQA Exemptions
19. Temporary Uses and Vendors
20. Procedures for Town Engineer Approval of Final Maps
21. Projections into Side Yard Setbacks
22. Maximum Height Limit for Single Family Dwelling
24. Thresholds for Development Permit
26. Conversion of Floor Space in Nonconforming Garage
27. Snow Storage Design Guidelines
28. Kitchens in Residential Units
29. Building Code Requirements for Home Occupations
30. Structures within Easements
31. FAR In-Lieu Fee
33. Trash Enclosures
34. Outdoor Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
35. Cumulative Air Quality Impacts from PM10 Emissions
36. Setbacks for Docks and Piers
37. Public Street, Sidewalk, and Trail Maintenance Responsibilities
38. Nevada County Stream Setback Variances
39. Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries
42. Downtown Office Uses on Commercial Row    
43. Standard Condition for Fire Protection Services  
44. Minor Modifications to Zoning Map    
46. Changeable Copy Signs
47. Inclusionary Housing for Existing
48. Affected Property Owner Notifications
50. DFW Fee 
51. Encroachment into Front Yard Setbacks on Steep Lots
52. Automatic Two-Year Time Extension for Tentative Maps and other Land Use Approvals
53. Donner Lake Setback Standards
54. Small Telecommunications Facilities