Planning Commission Values

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Town of Truckee
Planning Commission Values Statement
February 14, 2006

Background: In the spring of 2006, the Planning Commission held an off-site workshop to discuss how we work with the intention of improving our efficiency and work processes. At that meeting we reviewed and discussed the League of California Cities Public Service Values for Commissioners. An outcome of this meeting was a commitment to express our beliefs and values on how we will treat each other, the staff and the public.

Purpose: The purpose of issuing a values statement is to outline the behaviors by which we, as a governing body, will conduct the community’s planning commission meetings. It is the intention that each future member of the planning commission review and sign this statement, agreeing to support these values. It is also our intention that future planning commissions amend the statement to improve or clarify the statement.

Statement: We support and seek to uphold the following values and will demonstrate our commitment by conducting the community’s business according to the following supporting behaviors.


  • I review applications and make other decisions based on the merits of the issues.
  • I honor the law’s and the public’s expectation that the general plan and other planning policies will govern development decisions in our jurisdiction.
  • I support the public’s right to know and promote meaningful public involvement.
  • I am impartial and do not favor developers or others who are in a position to help me.
  • I promote equality and treat all people, projects, and perspectives equitably.


  • I recognize government’s responsibilities to society’s less fortunate.
  • I consider exceptions to planning policies when there are unintended consequences or undue burdens.
  • I realize that some people are intimidated by the public process and try to make their interactions as stress-free as possible.
  • I convey the agency’s care for and commitment to its community members.
  • I am attuned to and care about the needs of the public, officials, and staff.

Respect for Others:

  • I treat fellow officials, staff, and the public with courtesy, even when we disagree.
  • I focus on the merits in discussions, not personalities, character, or motivations.
  • I gain value from diverse opinions and build consensus.
  • I follow through on commitments, keep others informed, and make timely responses.
  • I am approachable and open-minded and I convey this to others.
  • I listen carefully and ask questions that add value to discussions.
  • I am engaged and responsive.
  • I involve staff in all meetings that affect agency business.


  • I come to meetings prepared.
  • I do not disclose confidential information without proper legal authorization.
  • I represent the official positions of the agency to the best of my ability when authorized to do so.
  • I explicitly state that my personal opinions do not represent the agency's position and do not allow the inference that they do.
  • I refrain from any action that might appear to compromise my independent judgment.
  • I take responsibility for my own actions, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.
  • I do not use information that I acquire in my public capacity for personal advantage.
  • I do not represent third parties’ interests before my agency or neighboring agencies.


  • I am truthful with my fellow commissioners, the public, and others.
  • I do not promise that which I have reason to believe is unrealistic.
  • I am prepared to make unpopular decisions to further the public’s interest.
  • I credit others’ contributions in moving our community’s interests forward.
  • I do not knowingly use false or inaccurate information to support my position.
  • I excuse myself from decisions when my or my family’s financial interests may be affected by my agency’s actions.
  • I disclose suspected instances of corruption to the appropriate authorities.

Public Trust:

  • I remember that my obligation as a public official is to serve the whole community.
  • I make sound planning decisions that implement the policies expressed in the general plan.
  • I consider the interests of the entire community in reaching my decisions.
  • I give full considerations to all aspects of a project, including protection of the environment and the need for affordable housing.
  • I promote the efficient use of the agency’s resources.
  • I balance the fiscal impacts of a project with the agency’s social and planning goals.


  • I work to assure that the vision expressed in the general plan is one that works to improve the quality of life in my community.
  • I am proactive and innovative when setting goals and considering proposals.
  • I maintain consistent standards but am sensitive to the need for compromise, thinking outside the box, and improving existing paradigms.
  • I promote intelligent innovation to forward the agency’s policies and services.
  • I consider the broader regional and statewide implications of the agency's decisions and issues.