Historic Recognition Program

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One of the goals of the General Plan is to preserve and enhance the town’s historic and cultural resources. The General Plan Action Item A18.2 encourages the development of a local awards program to recognize outstanding efforts to preserve, conserve, rehabilitate, or provide education about, the elements of Truckee’s historic past. The Historic Preservation Advisory Commission (HPAC) began the process of formulating this awards program in 2017.

HPAC identified the following items that should be considered in the award process:

  • Work on structures and buildings should be considered (signs will not be considered)
  • Both new construction or historic buildings can be considered
  • The award should be presented to the person/group that accomplished the work
  • Projects completed within the last five years have preference. Date is based on building permit final
  • Projects should demonstrate high quality design, adherence to historic design guidelines, consistency with the historic character areas, and achievement of restoration opportunities.

2019  Excellence in Historic Preservation Project of the Year

At its March 27, 2019 meeting, the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (HPAC) unanimously awarded the 2019 Excellence in Historic Preservation Award to John McManus for his restoration work on the Chinese Herb Shop. The Chinese Herb Shop was originally built in 1887 in Truckee’s Chinatown and survived a series of fires that eventually destroyed Chinatown. The building serves as a reminder of the significant contributions made by Chinese laborers during Truckee’s infancy.

John and his team separated the historical herb shop from the Central Sierra Garage portion of the structure (which currently houses Intero Real Estate) and restored the building to a 1915 period of significance, which included strengthening the structural integrity of the building, removing or repairing all siding and trim, the removal of paint to expose the underlying brick, removing the non-historic roof, and exposing and restoring the Chinese Herb Shop gable roof. The restoration project was completed in 2006. HPAC identified the Chinese Herb Shop as one of the most extensive restorations in Truckee and believed that John and his design team completed a successful restoration that meets the Secretary of Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and the Town's historic design guidelines.

A trophy will be presented to project applicant John McManus for his work on this incredible project.

Chinese Herb Shop 2003

Chinese Herb Shop 2019 A

Chinese Herb Shop 2019 B