Residences at Jibboom

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 Updated October 17, 2019

The Residences at Jibboom project has been scheduled for a preliminary review by the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission (HPAC).  The meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. 

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The Planning Division has received an application for a proposed multifamily residential project on Jibboom Street in Downtown Truckee (“Residences at Jibboom”). The project features 83 residential units in four buildings, with 49 rental apartments, 34 for-sale residential units, a 1,294-square-foot laundromat, and a 484-square-foot retail space.

The project site is located at 10002 Jibboom Street (APNs 019-102-011-000 to 019-102-018-000). The 1.67-acre site includes six existing parcels on Jibboom Street that are zoned Downtown Commercial (DC), and two parcels (one at the Jibboom Street/Bridge Street intersection and one on High Street) that are zoned Downtown Mixed Use (DMU). The project site is located in the Downtown Specific Plan Area land use designation of the General Plan. 

Residences at Jibboom - Project Location

The existing site features sparse vegetation and steep slopes on the north side of the site above an existing retaining wall. Portions of the site along Jibboom Street and High Street are currently used for informal, seasonal parking. The project site is located within Truckee’s Historic Preservation Overlay District and was identified in Truckee’s Historic Resource Inventory as the location of a Category B (“Contributory”) historic resource, which included a single-story commercial building (constructed in the 1940s as a motel) and two ancillary buildings (identified in the inventory as garages). The motel and ancillary structure on Jibboom Street were demolished in 2015; the second ancillary structure remains.

The applicants are proposing a car share program and car ownership restrictions on some of the units that would prohibit tenants from owning a vehicle. A total of 66 parking spaces are proposed onsite and 30 spaces are proposed along High Street in the public right-of-way. The applicant is also requesting credit for nine existing spaces along Jibboom Street in the public right-of-way and a reduction in required parking for the car share program.

The application requests approval of the following land use permits:

  • General Plan Amendment/Zoning Map Amendment/Downtown Specific Plan Amendment to rezone six DC (Downtown Commercial) zoned parcels to DMU (Downtown Mixed Use) and create a housing overlay to increase the maximum allowable density for the project site to 36 dwelling units per acre;
  • Development Permit for site disturbance greater than 26,000 square feet and/or square footage greater than 5,000 square feet in the downtown area;
  • Use Permit for disturbance of slopes greater than 20 percent;
  • Minor Use Permit for a parking management plan;
  • Tentative Map to reconfigure and subdivide eight existing parcels for individual ownership units;
  • Sign Plan for proposed signage; and
  • Historic Design Review for construction of new structures within the Historic Preservation Overlay District.

East View 

Project information is provided below:


Materials Boards

Applicant letter

The project will be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission, Planning Commission and Town Council. Hearing dates have not yet been scheduled. Comments on this project may be sent by email to Laura Dabe, Assistant Planner, at or by mail to the Town of Truckee Planning Division, 10183, Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, CA 96161.

When submitting public comments, please include your name and physical address. Comments received become part of the Town's permanent record. Copies will be distributed to the Planning Commission and posted to the Town website. Due to public records act laws, Town staff cannot redact personal information from comments received, including email addresses. If you prefer not to have your email address included, please submit your comments via letter to the Planning Division either by mail or as an attachment to an email.

For questions regarding this project, please contact Laura Dabe, Assistant Planner, at (530) 582-2937 or