Hotel Avery II

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Updated May 9, 2019

The applicants have submitted updated plans for Hotel Avery II.

Landscape Plan
Tentative Map

The project is beginning environmental review.  A public hearing date has not been scheduled. If you have any questions, contact Yumie Dahn, Associate Planner, at 530-582-2918 or by email at

Hotel Avery rendering_2019-02-07

The Town of Truckee has received an application for Hotel Avery II.  The applicant is requesting review of an approximately 32,790 s.f. 21-room hotel, nine condo/hotels, 16-space valet parking garage, on-street parking, and restaurant with outdoor dining located at 10002 and 10024 South River Street (APNs 019-140-001-000 and 019-140-002-000), a 0.62-acre site that consists of two parcels. The Town considers the nine condo/hotels as residential units. An exercise room, ski luggage/storage, and hot tub terrace is also proposed. The project includes 13 on-street parking spaces, frontage improvements, and a plaza in the Town’s South River Street right-of-way. A parking study is currently being completed by LSC Transportation Consultants to determine demand and a potential management plan at alternative locations.

 Hotel Avery - River

In order to accommodate the structure on the site, the applicants are proposing to abandon the existing 36” sewer easement and relocating it along the western property line and within the public right-of-way along the property frontage. One overhead utility line (14.4 kV feeder line) will be undergrounded and one utility line is proposed to be raised approximately nine feet (60 kV circuit).

The applicants will require the following land use permits: 1) An Use Permit to allow a hotel within the Downtown Mixed Use (DMU) zoning district; 2) Development Permit for a structure greater than 5,000 s.f. in the Downtown Commercial zone, disturbance greater than 26,000 s.f., and a restaurant in the DMU zoning district; 3)  Minor Use Permits for a parking management plan in the Downtown and sale of alcohol other than beer and wine; 4) Historic Design Review for exterior modifications in the Historic Overlay District; and 5) A Tentative Map to create condo/hotel parcels, merge the two underlying parcels, and to abandon and redescribe the easements on site.

A previous iteration of Hotel Avery was approved on November 12, 2008 and amended on July 17, 2012. The 2012 version included a 48,064 s.f. 37-room hotel with 10 condo/hotels, underground parking garage, 3,845 s.f. restaurant, and a parking management plan that utilized off-street parking. This approval expired in 2016.

To view the applicant team's website, please click here.

Hotel Avery - Street

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For more information on the project, contact Yumie Dahn, Associate Planner, at (530) 582-2918 or by email at