Grocery Outlet/Capitol Avenue Development Grocery Store

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Grocery Outlet/Capitol Avenue Development Grocery Store

Proposed Location: Gateway Area, Donner Pass Road

Property Owner/Applicant: Capitol Avenue Development

Project Description:

  • Parcel Size: 1.54 acres
  • Zoning District: General Commercial
  • General Plan Land Use Designation: Commercial
  • 16,147 square foot grocery store 
  • 3 residential rental apartments (two 543 square foot 1-bedroom units and one 788 square foot 2-bedroom unit)
  • 57 on-site parking spaces, six parking spaces within the Donner Pass Road right-of-way, and a transit stop

This project was approved by the Planning Commission in April of 2018. For additional information about the project, please contact the Planning Division at (530) 582-7821, Option 2.

Cap Ave Dev. Grocery Store vicinity map


Capitol Avenue Development Grocery, Proposed Elevations