Climate Action Activities

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In September 2018, the Town accepted a Silver Level Beacon Award in Sustainability Best Practices from the Institute for Local Government. The Beacon Program recognizes local governments for taking action to address climate change, promote energy innovation, and create more sustainable communities. The Sustainability Best Practices award honors jurisdictions that have completed projects in ten sector areas. Find the full report here or click each box to learn more:

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The Town of Truckee recognizes the importance of a sustainable future for its residents, and Town Council has prioritized sustainability and greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions as part of their 2018 Council Goals. The first major step in this process was to complete an inventory of GHG emissions, which was completed in April 2016, establishing a baseline for which future emission reduction efforts can be measured against. The results of the 2008 baseline inventory were presented in a public workshop in May 2016, and Town Council in August 2016. 

Town Council adopted Resolution 2017-58 on November 28th, 2017 establishing goals for Truckee relating to renewable energy and GHG emissions.

A re-inventory using 2016 data and forecast of future emissions were prepared in 2017-2018 providing the necessary data for developing climate policies in preparation for the upcoming General Plan Update.

For additional information please contact Nicholas Martin at or (530) 582-2910