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Due to the passage of Proposition 64 in the November 2016 state election, the use of nonmedical (i.e. recreational) marijuana has been legalized.  It is now legal to for any adult 21 years or older to: 

  • Possess, transport, obtain or give away to other adults 21 or older no more than 28.5 grams of marijuana or 8 grams of concentrated marijuana
  • Cultivate up to 6 plants per residence and possess the marijuana produced by these plants (subject to "reasonable regulations" by local governments) 

In order to address the changes brought with the legalization of marijuana, the Town of Truckee Town Council held a series of workshops to discuss the Town's approach to marijuana regulations. The focus of these workshops included discussions on indoor and outdoor cultivation, manufacturing and processing, taxation, retail and commercial uses and delivery services. A number of Town Council and Planning Commission meetings followed these workshops, so far resulting in the adoption of updated land use regulations for commercial cannabis delivery services. 


At the June 12, 2018 Town Council meeting, the Council adopted permanent land use regulations to allow the establishment of cannabis delivery service businesses (adult-use and medicinal) in Truckee.  These regulations were adopted following an extensive public process known as the Cannabis Dialogue.  As part of the adoption process, the Council directed staff to return with eligibility criteria each delivery service business would need to meet in order to qualify for Use Permit approval and issuance of a Cannabis Delivery Service License. The eligibility criteria are intended to supplement the adopted regulations and clearly identify the requirements to obtain a license from the Town. The eligibility criteria were adopted by Town Council through Council Resolution 2018-53 on July 24, 2018 and became effective immediately following adoption. 

Cannabis Delivery Service Licenses are required for all cannabis delivery service businesses located and operating in the Town of Truckee. The License is required for any retail activities for which the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) requires a State “M-Retailer” or “A-Retailer” license (Type 9) issued by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. Following approval of a Use Permit by the Planning Commission to allow operation of a cannabis delivery service, the Community Development Department will issue the License to the delivery service operator. The License is issued only after the operator obtains the required Use Permit. To learn more about obtaining a Cannabis Delivery Service License and Use Permit, please use the resources below.

Licensing Resources:

Cannabis Delivery Service License Information Sheet

Commercial Cannabis Indemnification Agreement

Use Permit Information Sheet

Land Use/Zoning Application

Truckee Eligible Cannabis Delivery Service Locations maps (West Truckee on page 2)

 Additional Information:

Final Town Council Regulations Section 18.58.075

Resolution 2018-53

June 12, 2018 Town Council Staff Report - Adoption of Commercial Cannabis Regulations

July 24, 2018 Town Council Staff Report - Adoption of Eligibility Criteria for Cannabis Delivery Service Licenses


August 20, 2018 

Permanent land use regulations are now in place for commercial cannabis delivery services, effective July 24, 2018. 

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