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Over-the-Counter Thursday

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Drawing approvedTHE OTC-THURSDAY PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD while the COVID-19 guidelines are in place. The program will continue as soon as the office is open to the public again.

In addition to the normal over-the-counter plan review offered throughout the week for certain types of permits (nonstructural remodels, re-roofs, M/E/Ps, etc.), the Community Development Department also offers an over-the-counter plan review program for additional types of projects every Thursday. This process allows smaller projects the opportunity to gain approval from Planning, Building and Engineering without having the back-and-forth of correction lists and responses.

The Community Development Department takes appointments for over-the-counter plan review at 30-minute intervals from at 8am-12pm (11:30 a.m. is the last appointment time slot). See below for information on scheduling an appointment.

What Projects are Eligible for Over-the-Counter Review?

  • Alterations or repairs to existing residential structures (excluding additions or conversions)
  • Decks and Covered Patios (new and additions)
  • Residential remodels with structural changes
  • Sign change-outs
  • Historic Residences: interior remodel work not affecting the building exterior

General Requirements

  •  Projects that encroach into a required setback or easement are not eligible for Over-the-Counter Thursday review (unless the projection is allowed under Development Code Section 18.30.120.E, Allowed Projections into Setbacks).
  • A site plan and survey are required for Over-the- Counter Thursday review.  Surveys must show all existing structures on the property. A property may be exempt from the survey requirements if all of the following apply:

1) The parcel size is three acres or more;

2) The existing and proposed structures are located at least 50 feet from all property lines;

3) The property does not have a recorded building envelope; and

4) Staff can verify by reviewing an aerial of the property that there is no potential for encroachment.

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment, please submit the following form by 12 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to your requested appointment to, indicating the date and time of your preferred appointment:

Bring to Your Appointment

  • Over-the-Counter Thursday Submittal Checklist
  • Building permit request form (Residential or Commercial)
  •  All required documents identified on the submittal checklist for the permit type, including:
      • Site Plan
      • Survey
      • Existing/proposed floor plans
      • Existing/proposed elevations
  • Any other documents that will assist staff in preparing for the appointment.

If you need assistance in determining which forms are required, please email or call 530-582-7821 and staff will assist you. 

Additional Information

Please see the Plan Submittal Checklist  for the number of plan sets required, electronic submittal instructions and additional submittal information.

We will make every effort to accommodate any requests during Over-the-Counter Thursday, but reserve the right to render a decision that the project is too complex for this program and will need to be a regular submittal.