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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What is considered a SHORT-TERM RENTAL?

  • What are SHORT-TERM RENTAL compliance requirements?

  • How do I register my property?

  • How soon after commencing business does my property need to be registered?

  • How do I know if my property is already registered?

  • Is registration required annually?

  • How much does registration cost? What do I get?

  • Does the Registration Certificate need to be posted on the rental property?

  • Does the Registration Certificate Number (RCN) need to be listed on all rental listings/advertisements?

  • My property is no longer being rented on short-term basis; do I need to do anything?

  • My property is being managed by a Property Management Company; do I also need to register it?

  • We are a new Property Management company, how do we initially register all of our properties?

  • As an existing Property Management Company, how do I register additional properties?

  • If property is no longer renting short-term through Property Management Company, what needs to happen?

  • What are the different tax/assessments and what are the funds used for?

  • What is considered taxable rents/receipts?

  • Who calculates the amount of tax due?

  • When are tax returns due?

  • Can I remit the TOT and TTBID assessment in the same payment?

  • What types of payment are accepted?

  • What if my tax payment is late?

  • Town of Truckee usually sends me tax return form in the mail, but I didn’t receive one for the past quarter, what should I do?

  • My property didn’t have renters this quarter; do I still need to complete a tax return?

  • Property is being managed by a Property Management Company; do I need to complete a tax return?

  • How long should I retain my TOT records?

  • Town of Truckee usually emails Property Management company an excel tax return form, but we didn’t get it, what next?

  • Do properties that didn’t have renters this quarter still need to be included on the Property Management Company tax return?

  • Why am I being charged tax for use of my own property?