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Quarterly Tax Return

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A tax return for Short-Term Rentals must be filed quarterly. Short-Term Rental taxes include the combined total of 10% Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) plus 2% Truckee Tourism Business Improvement District (TTBID) Assessment, or 12% total.  See below for definitions of what must be taxed. Completed Quarterly Tax Returns and any taxes due are subject to late payment penalties and interest if the payment is not postmarked by the first of the month following the end of a quarter.


Returns can now be filed online here


Quarter Ending
Taxes Due (postmark)  
March 31

May 1

June 30

August 1

September 30

November 1

December 31

February 1



Quarterly Tax Return Form (Excel) - multiple quarter - (will calculate taxes for you!)

Quarterly Tax Return Form (PDF) - multiple quarter

Quarterly Tax Return Form (PDF) - single quarter


For Property Management Company as Operator:

Quarterly Tax Return Form (Excel)

Quarterly Tax Return - Filing Instructions (PDF)




 If payment is late, the sum of the following two penalties apply and is calculated based on the number of months delinquent.  For number of months delinquent, round up to the nearest whole month.


Up to 1 month late - 10% of taxes due if paid on time

Up to 2 months late -  20% of taxes due if paid on time 

Up to 3 months late - 30% of taxes due if paid on time

Up to 4 months late - 40% of taxes due if paid on time

Up to 5 months late - 50% of taxes due if paid on time 


Number of months delinquent    x   .015    x    taxes due if paid on time = Interest Penalty




Property management companies complete an electronic Quarterly Tax Return Form for all short-term rental properties each quarter. Note: this form is different than the tax form for Property Owners.  Here are some helpful instructions for filling out this form.


What items do I need to pay taxes on (i.e. taxable rents/receipts)?

Taxable rents/receipts include, but are not limited to, nightly rents, weekly rents, standard cleaning fees, cancellation charges, pet fees, forfeited deposits, internet charges, late check-out fees, extra person fees, resort fees and insurance premiums.

Taxable rents/receipts exclude, but are not limited to, equipment charges (i.e. roll-away beds, cribs, etc.), refundable deposits, optional insurance premiums, valet services, parking permits/fees, golf fees, phone charges, in-room movie charges and items subject to CA Sales tax (i.e. taxable meals).