New Service Changes FAQ's

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  • New Solid Waste and Recycling Service Changes

    • Are wildlife-proof carts an option for residential customers?

    • Can I keep my containers next to my bear box?

    • Did the Town consider recycling containers that fit inside of bear boxes?

    • Do I have to use the new carts?

    • Does it cost more to use the new green waste and recycling containers?

    • How else can I dispose of yard waste without green bags or carts?

    • How many carts can I get, and how do I sign up to receive them?

    • I've tried to opt in to receive a blue/green cart. Why isn't my address appearing in the online form?

    • Once I opt in, what happens if I change my mind about my cart selection?

    • What is “can averaging” and why did it end?

    • What is a scheduled overage and how do I use one?

    • When will I get my cart(s)?

    • When will these changes impact me?

    • Where can I learn more?

    • Why are we sorting when the processing facility does it for us anyway?

    • Why is the Town of Truckee moving to recycling and yard waste carts?

    • Will communal drop-off locations be available for yard waste and recyclables?

    • Will it cost more to use these containers?

    • Will these new containers fit in my bear box?