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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • I just moved to Truckee. How does the solid waste collection system work?

  • What are the new changes with green waste and recycling?

  • What is my collection day?

  • Where is my landfill/transfer station?

  • My trash was not picked up or there was an issue with my collection/billing.

  • What is “can averaging” and why did it end?

  • Why was I charged a trash overage?

  • What is a scheduled overage and how do I use one?

  • What goes in a recycling cart or blue bag?

  • Where can I purchase blue bags?

  • Why are we sorting recyclables when the processing facility does it for us anyway?

  • How do I dispose of green waste?

  • What goes in a green waste cart?

  • What is defensible space?

  • Where can I drop off unwanted clothes, food, and equipment for donation?

  • What is hazardous waste, e-waste and universal waste?

  • When is the next household hazardous waste drop off event?

  • I am a business that generates hazardous waste, how do I dispose of it?

  • What do I do with my electronic waste?

  • Where can I recycle used motor and filters?

  • Where can I take household batteries?

  • Where can I drop off plastic bags/film plastics to be recycled?

  • How does the CRV program work?

  • What do I do with ___?