Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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The Town of Truckee Information Technology Department supports, creates, and maintains maps, map applications and analysis support for Town departments and the public.

The Town is in the process of posting web maps, interactive applications, and static maps, in pdf form, of some of the most requested maps. Please see the side bar to explore the currently posted maps and interactive mapping applications.

Below are some  quick links to the more popular web applications and maps. Please use the side bar to explore the current offerings of pdf maps and mapping applications.

Open Data Portal

The Town's public platform for exploring and downloading GIS data, discovering and building maps, and engaging others to solve important issues.

Web Applications

Truckee 511 maps and tracks the movement of Town sand trucks and snow removal equipment on town-maintained roads, trails and sidewalks .  Time ranges are also provided enabling you to estimate when snow removal equipment was last by.  This application is made available November 1st of each year (depending upon the weather of course).  Truckee 511 also provides Sand and Plow Animated Route Maps for each route.  There are two map types on this storyboard.  The first map lists each road within a route and the order in which each road is plowed.  The second map animates each Town of Truckee plow and sand route in the order each is maintained.  The order may vary due to weather and traffic complications.  To view these maps open Truckee 511, click on the triple lines at the left of the Truckee 511 title bar, then click "Service Information", then click the "Sand and Plow Animated Route Maps" link.  

YourGOV is a public-facing web application developed to encourage and enable the public to communicate issues on Town roads and rights-of-ways to the Department of Public Works. This application is directly linked to the Public Works Road Division Asset Management Database and generates real-time e-mails to staff. Staff immediately generates service requests from the e-mails and forwards them to department supervisors for action and or responses as required.

Interactive Web Maps

The Town of Truckee Evacuation Route is an interactive map depicting impacted routes and evacuation routes. Because Truckee has the potential for a number of natural disasters, including wildland fire, windstorms, snow storms and flooding to name a few, it is of the utmost importance to know your way around. Please take some time to review the Greater Truckee Area Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Guide for further details.

The interactive Town of Truckee Trail Map provides maps for Truckee trails, including access information, trail class type, difficulty levels and trail length. Also provided is a detailed description providing unique information about each trail. 


For additional GIS resources see Nevada County GIS or Placer County GIS.


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