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Most up to date information for COVID-19

Covid-19 up to date information

Post Date:03/18/2020 3:04 PM

Information on COVID-19, Coronavirus changes rapidly. For the most up to date information and resources, check with Nevada County Public Health at:

While Covid-19 is new, and medical professionals are still trying to learn about what it does and how it does it, Emergency Operations and its response is not new.  We have prepared for, and handled, similar incidents in the past.  Granted, the world-wide scale of Covid-19 is different, but your local and County Emergency Management staff is well trained and experienced to work through the issues that Covid-19 presents.  One of the things that makes Emergency Management so resilient is that we are able to scale up and down as needed.  In this case, while there are many aspects involved in the response, at the local level, our processes work for any event we face.  Though the uncertainty of exactly what Covid-19 does and what the impacts are is challenging; this doesn't affect the Emergency Management side.  We still put together plans and respond to the needs of the community the same as for any other large scale event.

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