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Energy Conservation Committee
Greening Town Facilities

Energy Conservation Committee

To promote energy conservation by changing minor personal work habits within the Town organization.

General Overview
This program is designed to encourage employees of the Town to conserve energy and resources by reducing use of paper, electricity and other natural resources.

Employees are highly encouraged to do the following in all Town facilities:
(1) Double-side documents, both at your printer and the copier.
(2) Turn lights off when leaving an office.
(3) Turn off your computer at night and on weekends.
(4) Reduce use of personal refrigerators.
(5) Bring an extra sweater or jacket to leave at work rather than turning up the heat or using a personal heater.
(6) Avoid using throw-away plastic water bottles. Instead use the Town-provided Nalgene bottles or a similar alternative.
(7) Avoid using non-reusable paper plates and plastic utensils.
(8) Keep windows and doors closed when operating heating or air conditioning system. If opened during the day, close at night.

Greening Town Facilities

In an effort to lead by example the Town has implemented the following practices to encourage waste diversion, recycling, green procurement and green building practices at Town owned facilities.

Waste Diversion/Recycling Practices:

  • July 2006, one of the 6 yard trash dumpsters at Town Hall was removed and replaced with a free cardboard only dumpster saving over $4,200 in annual disposal costs.
  • Added a cardboard only dumpster to the Corp yard for shared use between Town Public Works Staff and the Humane Society.
  • Switched all Town bulk copy paper to 30% recycled content vs. virgin paper.
  • Added “printed on recycled paper” to standard Town letterhead.
  • Continue to encourage Town purchasers to procure recycled content products.
  • Worked with Bradbury’s to provide purchasers a list of commonly purchased products in recycled content.
  • Provided all Town staff with work stations a blue recycling bin for the collection of recyclables.
  • Provided all Town staff reusable water bottles and reduced the purchase of bottled water in disposable single serving packaging.
  • Continue to encourage staff to bring their own plates and utensils to work rather than utilizing disposable alternatives. The Town quit supplying staff with disposal paper products for day to day use.
  • Provide staff periodic email reminders on waste diversion and recycling practices.


  • Replace old carpet with recycled content carpet.
  • Utilize low VOC paint for interior.
  • Utilize porous concrete in back entry of Town Hall.
  • Utilize non-bleached recycled bathroom towels.
  • Utilize some non-toxic office cleaners.
  • Complete the retrofit of Town Hall lighting to increase energy efficiency as outlined in the Capital Improvements for FY 07-08.


Last updated: 3/19/2009 1:37:10 PM