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Drift and Berm

Communication between the Town and citizens can be enhanced through the characterization of the storm events. Some general examples of snow fall levels are given below to provide an idea of what can be expected in terms of snow removal services provided by the Town when experiencing different snow accumulation levels.

Less Than 18” Within 24 Hours: This is the most common occurrence representing 80% of all storm conditions. Streets are considered top priority with preference given to main arterials and bus routes. School bus routes, when possible, will be plowed prior to 7:00 A.M. and maintained in a safe manner during the day. The Public Works Director or designee may close streets and determine detours when he deems it necessary for public safety.

18” Accumulated Snowfall: All streets will be plowed in approximately 12 hours, provided we are fully staffed. Additional clean up is necessary in addition to plowing the roads, which includes cutting pack on the streets and pushing back snow to the full width of the street. This work can take more than a week to complete.

Greater Than 18”/Less Than 3’ Within 24 Hours: This condition represents approximately 20% of operations in a season. Snow removal on cul-de-sacs and high elevation areas which are prone to high winds will be suspended until such time as normal operations are again possible. Personnel from other Town departments and outside contractors may be assigned to storm related duties. The Street Supervisor may close streets and determine detours as he deems necessary for public safety. The standards for secondary residential streets may be lowered to allow for one lane of traffic with turn-outs for passing about every 100-150 yards. This change in standard may also remain in effect for storm events of less than 18” when no room exists in the Town right-of-way for blowing snow with out the possibility of damage to private property.

3’ or More Within 24 Hours:

These storm events are beyond the planned labor and equipment of the Town. Storms like the ’92-93 season will require outside assistance and a general ‘dig-out” of the Town after the event. When snow fall exceeds the ability of the Town crews to successfully perform operations, the Street Supervisor, with concurrence of the Public Works Director and the Town Manager, may implement emergency operations.

Snow removal on secondary residential streets, cul-de-sacs and high elevation areas which are prone to high winds will be suspended. Emergency snow removal contracts may be implemented and, if a state of emergency is declared, the Town Manager may contract for manpower and equipment as may be useful for the purpose of providing public safety. The Street Supervisor may close streets and determine detours as he deems necessary for public safety.

Snow Storm Events - General Road Care and Conditions:

Because of the diversity storms and the high cost of equipment and labor, the Town cannot economically justify removal of all snow accumulations from the roads with each storm. Pack is sometimes left as a drivable roadway surface requiring chains or snow tires. This method allows more area to be covered in less time. A subsequent thaw event requires immediate clean-up attention. Pack removal is generally accomplished initially from the center of Town through business areas to the State Highways.

Because there are many variables in a storm which include intensity and time of storm, the Town may not plow or sand roads at the same hour each day or even on the same day of the storm. During storm events, snow removal operations are conducted 24 hours a day.

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