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 Chief Leftwich 

                                 Chief Robert Leftwich


I am truly humbled and honored to be the Police Chief for the Town of Truckee.  I am very proud to represent all of the hard working men and women of the Truckee Police Department and the community we serve.

The Truckee Police Department is committed to focusing on Community-Based Policing through collaborating on creative solutions to community issues.  We believe in fostering strong communication and transparency with our community as much of our success is due to the strong partnerships we have formed.  We will continue to bridge communication gaps through social media and encourage direct community involvement with the police department.  We will seek out new opportunities for emerging technology as we move forward as an organization.  We will continuously strive to remain a premiere law enforcement agency and recognize that our community’s trust is perishable and we must work every day to maintain it.  With the many opportunities and challenges that face law enforcement today, I am extremely proud and confident in our ability to adapt and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible police services for our Town.

Thank you for visiting the Truckee Police Department’s website.  I hope the information you find here will enhance your awareness about who we are and what we do.  We believe that when community members and police officers know each other and trust each other, there is no limit to what can be accomplished together. Please contact me any time. To learn more about me, please read my biography.



Robert Leftwich, Chief of Police