Town Capital Improvement Projects

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2018 Construction Projects



Aerial image of Northwoods Blvd. & Donner Pass Road Intersection 

 Envision DPR (Donner Pass Road) Corridor Improvement Project
Western Segment Phase 1 (C1407)

Northwoods Boulevard/Donner Pass Road Roundabout Project (C1608)      

Description: Construct sidewalk and pedestrian crossing enhancements along Donner Pass Road between Richards Boulevard and State Route 89 South/Frates Lane. 
Status: Currently in the design phase with construction anticipated in 2019. 
Budget: $5 million
Funding: Federal ($1.5 million), Regional Surface Transportation Program, Local (Measure V), and General Fund
Project Manager: Scott Mathot 
Construction: Construct a roundabout at the intersection of Northwoods Boulevard and Donner Pass Road.
Status: Currently in the design phase with construction anticipated in 2020.
Budget: $2.3 million
Funding: General Fund
Project Manager: Scott Mathot



 Image - Public Service Garages conceptual elevations



Aerial Image - Brockway Road and Soaring Way 


Public Service Center Garages (C1609)

Brockway Road Corridor, East River Street
and Donner Pass Road Improvement
Project (C1604)

Description: Update the design and construct new Public Works Street Maintenance garages, Public Works facilities maintenance building, and Police evidence storage building on the Public Service Center property.
Status: Design work to be completed Summer 2018, Construction to begin late Summer/Fall 2018.
Budget: $7,005,000
Funding: General Fund
Project Manager: Drew Jack and Bret Albert

Description: Reconstruct and widen Brockway Road and Soaring Way from Estates Drive to Joerger Drive, reconstruct a portion of East River Street, and reconstruct and widen Donner Pass Road from South Shore Drive to the western Town limit. The Brockway Road improvements also included a left-turn lane at Reynolds, widening for Class II bike lanes, installation of pedestrian crossing enhancements, and construction of landscape medians. 
Status: Construction completed January 2018 
Project Manager: Jessica Thompson 

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